Roman Empire

Our world is in a constant process of changing and evolution. Nations rise and fall in a few decades, their egemony dictated by economy, war, great people and sheer destiny.

This is the story of what was once the greatest of these nations, encompassing all the known world, this is the story of the roman empire.

The roman civilization was the most advanced, in terms of science, society and military organization. Under the lead of real legends like Julius Caesar, Rome managed to expand its borders and culture, eventually reaching the limits of Asia (which was then considered the end of the world).

This website is a tribute to the roman empire, its men, its history, its places, to try and live again the feelings and emotions that men, just like us, lived thousands of years ago.

Roman History: List of Chapters

  • Geography Of Italy - Early Inhabitants
  • The First Four Kings Of Rome - b.C. 753-616
  • The Last Three Kings Of Rome, And The Establishment Of The Republic Down To The Battle Of The Lake Regillus - b.C. 616-498
  • From The Battle Of The Lake Regillus To The Decemvirate - b.C. 498-451
  • The Decemvirate - b.C. 451-449
  • From The Decemvirate To The Capture Of Rome By The Gauls - b.C. 448-390
  • From The Capture Of Rome By The Gauls To The Final Union Of The Two Orders - b.C. 390-367
  • From The Licinian Rogations To The End Of The Samnite Wars - b.C. 367-290
  • From The Conclusion Of The Samnite War To The Subjugation Of Italy - b.C. 290-265
  • The First Punic War - b.C. 264-241
  • Events Between The First And Second Punic Wars - b.C. 240-210
  • The Second Punic War: First Period, Down To The Battle Of Cannae - b.C. 218-216
  • Second Punic War: Second Period, From The Revolt Of Capua To The Battle Of The Metaurus - b.C. 215-207
  • Second Punic War. Third Period: From The Battle Of The Metaurus To The Conclusion Of The War - b.C. 206-201
  • Wars In The East. The Macedonian, Syrian, And Galatian Wars - b.C. 214-188
  • Wars In The West. The Gallic, Ligurian, And Spanish Wars - b.C. 200-175
  • The Roman Constitution And Army
  • Internal History Of Rome During The Macedonian And Syrian Wars. Cato And Scipio
  • The Third Macedonian, Achaean, And Third Punic Wars - b.C. 179-146
  • Spanish Wars, b.C. 153-133. First Servile War, b.C. 134-132
  • The Gracchi - b.C. 133-121
  • Jugurtha And His Times - b.C. 118-104
  • The Cimbri And Teutones, b.C. 113-101. - Second Servile War In Sicily, b.C. 103-101
  • Internal History Of Rome From The Defeat Of The Cimbri And Teutones To The Social War - b.C. 100-91
  • The Social Or Marsic War - b.C. 90-89
  • First Civil War - b.C. 88-86
  • First Mithridatic War - b.C. 88-84
  • Second Civil War. - Sulla's Dictatorship, Legislation, And Death, b.C. 83-78
  • From The Death Of Sulla To The Consulship Of Pompey And Crassus - b.C. 78-70
  • Third Or Great Mithridatic War - b.C. 74-61
  • Internal History, From The Consulship Of Pompey And Crassus To The Return Of Pompey From The East. - The Conspiracy Of Catiline - b.C. 69-61
  • From Pompey's Return From The East To Cicero's Banishment And Recall. b.C. 62-57
  • Caesar's Campaigns In Gaul - b.C. 58-50
  • Internal History, From The Return Of Cicero From Banishment To The Commencement Of The Civil War. - Expedition And Death Of Crassus - b.C. 57-50
  • From The Beginning Of The Second Civil War To Caesar's Death - b.C. 49-44
  • From The Death Of Caesar To The Battle Of Philippi - b.C. 44-42
  • From The Battle Of Philippi To The Battle Of Actium - b.C. 41-30
  • Sketch Of The History Of Roman Literature, From The Earliest Times To The Death Of Augustus
  • The Reign Of Augustus Caesar - b.C. 31-a.d. 14
  • From The Accession Of Tiberius, A.D. 14-37, To Domitian, A.D. 96
  • Prosperity Of The Empire, A.D. 96. - Commodus, A.D. 180. - Reign Of M. Cocceius Nerva, A.D. 96-98
  • From Pertinax To Diocletian - A.D. 192-284
  • From Diocletian, A.D. 284, To Constantine's Death, A.D. 337
  • From The Death Of Constantine, A.D. 337, To Romulus Augustulus, A.D. 476
  • Roman Literature Under The Empire - A.D. 14-476
Roman Empire History

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